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A Journey of Maintenance Procedures

As professionals in the maintenance space, much of our work is guided by information that we receive, instructing us how to carry out maintenance tasks or activities. How much that information has changed over time is mind-boggling, and even more so the ‘way’ it is now presented to today’s maintainers. We asked a K2 employee the other day (Gordon – he has a few decades of experience under his belt) on how he learned how to carry out simple and complex maintenance tasks during his time as a tradesman. Well here’s what Gordon told us… “Over the time I have spent in industry as a tradesman, on the tools, through to being involved in the asset management sphere, the changes and improvements in presentation of maintenance instructions and information I have witnessed has been evolutionary, and at the same time encouraging. As they develop more and more different ways to display maintenance information in simple and complex forms it will…

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