Health, Safety & Environment (OHSE)

Responsible Corporate Citizens

We aim to be responsible corporate citizens who advocate, and implement health and safety measures for all employees and sub-contractors, all while caring for the environment.

Perpilion is committed to be constantly conscious of the impact that our advice and activities have on the health, safety and environment of our clients.

The Perpilion Way: To Do No Harm

We strive to eradicate the chance of harm, be it to our employees, clients or the environment.

Here’s how we’re doing it:

  • Abide by the appropriate National legislation for countries where we operate, as well as our clients requirements and all relevant associated industry legislations and Codes of Practice
  • Employ only qualified employees and sub-contractors who are adept in their respective roles
  • Provide all employees and sub-contractors with tools and knowledge necessary in order to execute their job duties while being mindful of safety and the environment
  • Cultivate and create a safe and conducive work environment for all individuals associated with our business
  • Utilising the best systems for everyday business operations
  • Employing proper management practices that supports health and safety
  • Ensure dedication in achieving measurable targets for continual improvement of existing work practices
  • Instil the responsibility on all employees and sub-contractors to identify and report all possible hazards that may be detrimental to health and safety
  • Actively seek to eliminate incidents of injuries in the workplace with tighter communication and consciousness of possible hazards in the working environment.