Maintenance and Reliability Management

Maintenance and Reliability Management

Equipped with our proprietary purpose-built Asset Data Analysis and Management (ADAM) software, we are committed to providing you qualified, professional and industry-experienced team members with up to 35 years of experience garnered across diverse industries and geographies.

Engaging Perpilion’s Maintenance and Reliability Manag ement services means you receive a comprehensive package of solutions. Apart from providing you with a dedicated team to work with, we will provide you exceptional standards of quality management via process that are fully managed, documented and auditable. Starting with a carefully developed maintenance management philosophy and strategy, Perpilion’s role is to provide all the solutions and services that our clients require in all areas of maintenance and reliability management.

Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Development

From the initial stages of CMMS selection and configuration through to its final stages of implementation, Perpilion has all the expertise in-house to execute the activities required. Our vast experience working with numerous different systems has allowed us to be adept in assisting you to manage maintenance efficiently, regardless of the system you operate.

Generic Maintenance Strategies

With our comprehensive industry experience of Asset Management services, we use that collective knowledge in conceptualizing, developing and implementing generic equipment maintenance strategies, that harnesses both the client and Perpilion’s expertise. We also evaluate and leverage OEM recommendations and ensure that they are in line with the statutory requirements.

Maintenance Performance Review

Based on our extensive experience and exposure to numerous systems, clients and industries, Perpilion has developed our own in-house tool for evaluating how our clients Maintenance systems and processes are performing. This tool will also check compliance with ISO55000 requirements and will allow you to optimise your asset management by focusing on the opportunities to improve.

Maintenance Plan Optimisation

With Perpilion on your side, you can rely on us to devise and develop suitable leveling of maintenance plans based on your requirements and philosophy. If it requires an equipment shutdown profile, we will get that covered for you!

Maintenance Technical Authoring

Perpilion can carry out the development of all the necessary procedures for maintenance and inspection tasks (including Safety Critical Element [SCE]).

In addition to that, we will also supply templates and generic procedures from our library, as a guide for you to embark on this work or alternatively, we will provide advice if you choose to develop your own specific procedures.

Performance Standards

To ensure optimal operational and maintenance performance, Perpilion can aid your organisation by developing and implementing all safety, integrity and production critical performance standards that you may require.

Maintenance and Inspection Planning

Perpilion has the resources and capabilities to plan and review all maintenance related inspections or activities for all your assets, or if you prefer we can train and coach your staff in the processes required.

We strongly believe that a well-managed maintenance plan can ensure that the optimal production capacity of assets is achieved. This is instrumental to reduce the likelihood of downtime due to failure, hence allowing organisations to continuously optimise costs without compromising safety.

Maintenance & Reliability Studies

With highly-skilled and qualified professionals in our team, you can trust us to render you guidance and/or carry out maintenance and reliability studies to develop further optimised maintenance schedules for all your assets.

This includes:

  • Reliability Availability & Maintainability (RAM) modelling from concept through detailed design and into operation phase;
  • Equipment criticality analysis;
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) reviews which includes Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA);
  • Safety Integrity Level studies (SIL);
  • Risk Based Inspection studies (RBI); and
  • Preventative Maintenance Optimisation (PMO)

Asset Register Development

Having a properly developed and verified Asset Register  is an essential aspect of any asset management strategy. Why so? Results have proved that having one provides a clear structure to the maintenance management system and ensures that all safety and production critical assets are properly accounted for. It also guarantees that maintenance activities are carried out efficiently and effectively. Ultimately for the client, this results in an optimised operational and maintenance performance.

Perpilion has all the expertise necessary to provide your organisation with the required resources and knowledge to achieve a properly developed asset register that captures all important data. Whether it is for your plant, facility or mine, we are there to streamline your processes and cumulate all crucial pieces of data. Additionally, Perpilion will assist to organise all critical data into a functional hierarchy that allows for improved management of these assets throughout their lifecycle.

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