Operations and Engineering Support

Operations and Engineering Support

In this division, we are equipped with three experienced teams. Rest assured that we are there to deliver the engineering support systems when you need it. We take pride in living up to our service value propositions, which is to give outstanding value-added solutions and services in the following areas detailed below.

Team Work

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again to reiterate our commitment to you. Perpilion highly value shared solutions and embraces the differences that our employees bring to the table. Besides, it’s always refreshing to hear different point of views! Often the brightest ideas and solutions are an amalgamation of diverse opinions, with one objective – to accomplish the best results.

Our recipe for success? Our people with a commendable team spirit ready to lift you up and support your organisational goals.

Training and Assessment Team

Our operational engineering support team is a healthy coalition of front line competency assessors and experienced trainers who develop educational, informative, engaging training programs that support and build Competency Based Training Assessment (CBTA) systems. In order to procure only the best resources and people, we have developed high quality standards and procedures, training materials and structured assessments for diverse competencies.

To complement the team, we possess specialised technical authors who can assist in developing your organisation’s operating manuals, procedures, administrative, safety and planning documents. These fundamental documents are especially crucial to lay systems in place and act as reference points to refer back.

Shutdown/Turnaround Team

Shutdowns not going to plan? No problem. Our experienced team aims to assimilate that process and provide you with an all-inclusive total management for your shutdowns. We will provide you with the systems, procedures and planning tools that will provide significant savings in expenditure.

With a wealth of experience managing shutdown implementations, which include commissioning and decommissioning, our Perpilion team can be your life-saver.

From planning, down to execution and closeout phases, we employ a proven effective systematic approach that is underpinned by technical procedures implemented by a competent and experienced team. In a nutshell, we’ve got it all covered for you!

Engineering Support Team

Our trusted Perpilion operation support team are highly qualified and experienced professionals who have undertaken and completed a wide variety of projects in the resources and energy sectors.  From the necessary day-to-day support across instrumentation, electrical, mechanical and rotating equipment disciplines, our team will be there to support and assist. And when we say support, this encompasses support throughout all project stages including production.

To ensure that work is fulfilled in timely fashion and proficiently, we have specialised engineers and technical assistants who will integrate with your existing team or simply just our standalone team. Engaging Perpilion gives you a peace of mind, and we’re always trying to exceed your expectations.

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