Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

With our proficient and experienced Supply Chain Team, you can rely on us to improve efficiency while reducing costs and delivering the best solution for you. On top of employing the appropriate Supply Chain Management philosophy and strategies, Perpilion always seeks to provide value-adding solutions to our customers in the following areas of supply chain.



Computerised Systems Integration

By engaging our services in this scope, we will provide you with the appropriate supply chain and maintenance personnel to facilitate the integration of production facility, maintenance and inventory or warehousing modules.

Inventory Optimisation

As part of our asset management services promise to you, Perpilion provides supply chain solutions by conducting a detailed spares inventory analysis. This helps to identify optimal stocking levels to reduce inventory costs. This categorisation of spares allows further detailed analysis to reduce any duplicate items and rationalise vendors. More importantly, this services provides a solid foundation for materials agreements which ultimately leads to bottom line lower spares costs.


Unsure of this term, cataloguing? In a nutshell, it is the systematic collection, identification, compiling and recording of equipment and materials data. What happens is that individual items are uniquely coded and presented in a concise logical manner that is easily interpreted by both internal and external stakeholders. With Perpilion’s very own specialist cataloguers, worry not about unkempt data any more!


To increase efficiency and reduce any indirect costs, we are proud to have successfully delivered supply chain management projects where we provided warehouse layout and design improvements. Additionally, Perpilion can assist your team with the co-ordination of new or existing facility design or modifications, and even the process mapping of warehousing activities.

Spare Parts Review

Our flagship proprietary Asset Data Analysis and Management (ADAM) software is equipped with built in spare parts module that allows the capture and manipulation of catalogued spare parts information. Additionally, it provides the foundations for building Bills of Materials (BOMs) which in turn assists end users with the following areas

● Spares identification required for operational and insurance purposes;
● Determining spares requirements to optimise spares stock holdings; and
● Assisting with the specification of equipment and spares to ensure the correct equipment/spares are procured when required.

Here’s more good news! Perpilion also has the capability of conducting a simplified spare parts review using client provided parameters. Also, parts information can be loaded from existing catalogue sources to enable BOMs to be developed from client data. Perpilion can then verify that all applicable equipment has an appropriate BOM and conduct comparisons on like equipment to ensure data integrity.

Sourcing and Procurement

Perpilion provides supply chain management in the field of e-data and process analysis. This helps to identify opportunities that will result in reduced costs and improved supply chain performance. Further to that, it also guides us to implement and establish effective materials control. Establishing appropriate service level agreements also aids in improving organisational performance by the reduction of inventory costs, duplications,corrects lead times and rationalise vendors.

Supply Chain Analysis

Evaluation is always an essential aspect of our Supply Chain Management. To do so, we effectively conduct data analyses to support strategic supply chain planning and this further helps with the integration of supply chain and maintenance functions.

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