About Us


Founded in 2014, Perpilion was a subsidiary of Australian Asset Management consultancy K2 Technology, but was purchased by a small group of highly experienced Asset Management professionals in 2018 and is now an independent consultancy. With more than a decade of cumulated experience across industries and geographies, Perpilion has established itself as the trusted and leading provider of Asset Management Services, including Maintenance and Reliability, Supply Chain and Operations Support.

We strive to continually build and expand our presence in the Asia Pacific region with a vision of delivering innovative and beneficial asset management solutions for our clients.

World Class Support System

Armed with world-class capabilities and a professional workforce, we are equipped to deliver customised, cost-effective and forward-looking solutions for our client’s needs. We take pride in refining our expertise to ensure clients attain maximum returns.

We value the client’s best interests and strive to provide impeccable services within our expertise to fulfil long-term goals and plans.

By marrying the client’s short and long-term goals together with our expertise, we strive to deliver superior investment solutions, and offer strategic advice for asset management.

A Global Brand

To allow us to support our client base across Asia and the globe, we currently have relationships with a number of similar companies in Australia, USA and Europe.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the leader in Asia Pacific region in Enterprise Asset Management and we are well placed in the region to provide leadership and technical expertise in Enterprise Asset Management for the Resource, Utilities, Transport and Manufacturing Industries

The Perpilion Culture

In Perpilion, we see our people not just as hands trained to deliver optimal results for our clients, but as the heart that thinks and feels for them too. We are deep-rooted in our belief that our employees are the fundamental organs in our organisational structure – the cornerstone to our success.

As we strive to create a holistic work environment, we continually hone, recognise and celebrate the successes of employees to propel them in their career development. With the right people, right results can be achieved.


Teamwork is the crux of our business style

We believe in the words “Us” and “We” in contrary to “I” and “Me”. For us, there is no substitute for a good synergy and clear communication.


We are committed to your cause

As professionals in this field, dedication and passion is our promise. And we are equally thrilled to share your happiness when business goals are met.


Quality is our promise

Everything we do at Perpilion is strategized to achieve optimized asset management for our clients. Trust that we don’t allow second best results.


Honesty is the way to go

We value transparency, fairness and ethics in all our dealings, and there is no higher sought value than honesty in our trade



Who says work has got to be void of fun? We’re passionate individuals doing what we love - and that’s a lot of fun for us, especially when we achieve satisfying results for our clients.

Perpilion (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd