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Resourcing Strategies

Operating in a constant production environment requires the optimum number of resources that are trained to the right competency level. Alternatively, that would mean having the right service agreements in place that enable the level of service to be maintained to support operational requirements. Internal or external resourcing will depend on the individual companies’ requirements however having the right number of resources with the right competencies available at the right time means downtime associated with both scheduled and unscheduled stoppages is minimised. Importance of Reliability-Based Maintenance in Today's Market Producing quality services or providing services at a competitive price is essential for surviving in today’s business environment. We are forced to look for better, efficient ways of doing things on a continual basis. We in the maintenance and reliability field are constantly challenged to implement the safest, best and cost-effective way of ensuring the reliability and availability of our assets. We have come to call these our best practices and…

Effective Spares Strategies

Effective spare parts management drives efficiency and creates savings for companies, whether they’re regularly dealing with large, high-value assets, a range of smaller machines and systems or a mix of both. The 3 major benefits of effective spare strategies are: Improved equipment uptime:Extended downtime simply due to the lack of a specific part – or even an array of different ones – is generally avoidable with a strong spare    parts management strategy and system. While there will be the occasional exception, in general asset uptime will improve considerably. Increased service level of inventory: The increased service level is most closely tied to the concept of right parts, right place, right time, and right quality. Businesses that implement the software and systems that drive efficiency in the spare parts planning space typically see an improvement in inventory service levels following a good  implementation. Decreased investment in inventory:An effective spare parts management and planning system allows businesses to reduce their inventory…

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