Governance and Integrity Management

Governance and Integrity Management

Require Government and Integrity Management services for your organisation? You’ve come to the right place! Perpilion provides high value solutions as it strongly relates to the other services that we provide. It includes the following areas:

EAM/CMMS Change Management

In the event  modifications to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems or Computerised Maintenance Management Systems are required, our team can assist you to carry out the development and monitoring of the change management process. Whether it is required before, during or after a project start-up, consider the task done!

This is instrumental for an effective change management system because it puts in place standardised methods and procedures to handle changes to the system and reduce the likelihood of poor quality data in the system. In a worst case scenario, it may even cause data loss of crucial activities.

Technical Integrity

To live up to the Perpilion’s quality benchmarks of “No Harm Done” to both the people and the environment, we take precautionary measures in our practices to enforce technical integrity. We will assure the management of statutory and safety case requirements for all your projects that relates to technical integrity including class certification and integrity compliance.

Governance Documentation

As part of our services, we will aid you in the development of appropriate governance documentation and that includes the management of technical integrity and engineering change management.

Your safety is our priority. More than just being our clients, you are our partners! We believe that having technical integrity addresses the management of barriers within major accident events, that may potentially thwart business goals and be detrimental to both the people and environment. Perpilion adopts a strict sense of technical integrity by ensuring that things are properly planned and well-maintained.

An effective change management system also ensures that changes are carried out in a planned and systematic manner, and are often engineered with due consideration for production and safety impacts without hindering productivity.

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